Tuesday, July 17, 2007


My first time to go fishing. hehe. It was fun. The first beach we went to, I didn`t catch any fish. But the second beach we went to, the first fish I caught, jumped out of my hand, and Rocco didn`t make it in time to save it. What a looser. =] Then I got my second, but more like first, fish. I was so excited! && this time I got it unhooked in time to put it in the bucket. In the end, I caught a total of four fish. I could`ve had 7, but I lost 3 fish. Once again, Rocco was to slow to save them. It was a fun and hot day! Then we came to Jesse`s house, && I had to wait to use the shower because these boys don`t understand the concept of "Ladies First." Well now me && the boys are going to the field for my game.

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SaipanLin said...

hey... u 4got 2 mention that ur MOM dropped u off so that u could join "the boys" & go fishing, & that ur MOM picked u'll up to go to the soccer field, and ur MOM... (hehe)

I don't remember teaching u the "Ladies First" concept...