Friday, July 6, 2007

S.A.V.E Summer Camp.

i know i know. i havent updated in a long time. but its not my fault, really, blame my mother. just kidding. =]

DAY 1;

i love this game from last summer. hehe. in this game you use a floater, (the long foam one.) and you hit someone below the knees, and then they have take the floater from you, and tag you back. in a way its like duck duck goose. tap the head, and run around in a circle to you get to the empty spot, same thing. lol.

this was one of the experiments we did. we used bread to show the germs that are left on our hands after washing them, or without washing them. we also timed how long we washed our hands to see which time frame works better. (you cant see the bacteria yet.)

DAY 3; [yeah i dont have pictures from day 2.]

i think this was my favorite day, getting to hold the snake was awsome!
[that snake was squeezing my wrist, lol. you know, like the blood pressure thingy.]

that snake sure felt slimy. hehe.

look at me! im a scientist!

this was the making of our fringe reef model. unfortunatley i dont have picutes of the finished product.

imagine turning this water in to clear drinkable water.
looks impossiable right?
this was another cool experiment we did, and i also dont have a picture of the outcome, but i`ll asure you it was clear, but maybe not drinkable. lol

this is all we got to use to turn this water clear.

at least we got most of the stuff out. hehe.

DAY 4;

this was when we were on harry`s show.
i was so smooth on the radio, i gave harry a fright. hehe. [dont worry harry, i wont take over you show, i`ll just make my own. just kidding.=) ]

DAY 5;

here we are at the dock, heading to managaha.

man was managaha fun. i didnt sleep until 5 in the morning. haha. we always didnt sleep in our tents that night! most of us ended up on the sand. haha. but the sunrise was beautiful. the smores for breakfast were good too.


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Thanks for posting that. You rock.

Anonymous said...

LOVE that snake... & the red Roxy hat...