Saturday, July 14, 2007


I went to Managaha yesterday. It was fun, unfortunately I don`t have any pictures because my mom said "sand and camera`s don`t mix." haha.

So yesterday was family day, I spent the day with Jesse, Rocco, Diego, Donavin, and Zack. Being the only girl, of course I was picked on a lot. haha. Rocco & Donavin kept teasing about loving volley ball and not being able to get the ball over the net. But of course i proved those two doe doe`s wrong. =]

I went with the boys crab hunting, and I actually ate on of the crabs they caught. I was kind of grossed out by the thought of just eating the crab they caught, but now I can say I did. The boys also caught baby eels, shirmp, mud skippers, and crabs. But of course [Angelo], we put them back.

&& then we went swimming. Lana, those boys love to go were I cant touch the bottom. But its alright, I just jump on there backs, or hold on to the bouy. But crazy Rocco, always jumps on my back, especially where its deep.

&& then we went home. On the boat ride back, we were up on the top deck, and we played this game; Whoever can spot marine life first wins. Lai, Jesse && Rocco always cheat, but we all know I'm the real winner. =]

So that was how i spent most of my Friday. The rest of the day, I fell asleep.

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