Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day Two...

okay so yesteday was fun. In the morninh, Rep.Kaipat took me to a Pagan Pozzolan meeting, which was interesting, and also super cold! Later on that day, Aunty Dasie, Klye, Dennis, && I went to go set up the multi-purpose center for the School Crisis Response by Steve.

Haha, me && those boys had fun. Lana every time I move a chair, si Klye`s gonna move it farther... lol.

After the workshop, a few of us went out to shirleys [i get pictures later from bev`s blog or steve`s.] && then we had some more fun, like always. [especially when your with aunty cinta && uncle gus!]

Anyway,Im on day 3 today, so imma get going...

BYE! =]

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